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We just launched our new effects-based BOOST and LIGHTS OUT rosin vape cartridges with our friends at Airfield Supply Co. and they wrote this awesome article. So we wanted to share.

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Effects-Based Cannabis is the Future

Precisely combined highly functional cannabinoids provide powerful effects.


The Emerald Group reviews the LEVEL Protab+ product line.

See what they had to say.


LEVEL Ranked No.1 Capsule/Pill Brand in the US* and California**

Podcast, Science

The High Ground Podcast with Chris Emerson PhD

Check out this enlightened and informative conversation as Jocelyn Sheltraw and Chris Emerson PhD discuss the future of effects-based cannabis.

Cannabinoids, Science

CBDa may help prevent infection from Covid-19.

According to a recent Forbes article written by A.J. Herrington that came out on Wednesday, January 11, 2022, researchers at Oregon State University published a report titled, “Cannabinoids Block Cellular Entry of SARS-CoV-2 and the Emerging Variants.”

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Can 'diet THC' stop the munchies? I tried every kind to find out.

A cannabinoid molecule called THCV can actually suppress your appetite — but there are major caveats.

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LEVEL Introduces the PROTAB+

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Can CBG help you sleep? Let's find out together.
 Join the ECS21 study.

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Fun in the Sun.

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Protab 100 Singles

Want More? Are you a Sativa or Indica Protab fan who’s starting to enjoy the effects of a higher dose? Are you curious about what the experience of a 100 mg professional-strength tablet might be like? Then check out the new LEVEL Protab 100™ Singles. Now, for just a few bucks, you can try a single 100 mg tablet of your favorite cannabinoid before you purchase a 10-pack.

Cannabinoids, Terpenoids

CBD Protab 100

For many people, more is just the right amount.

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Recently, it has seemed like many edible cannabis companies have been promoting the fact that their products are fast acting. But how many have sacrificed fidelity for onset speed?

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NEW! The CBD:THC 1:1 Protab.

Balanced and Euphoric. Many refer to it as the perfect high.

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LEVEL Best Day

What’s your idea of a great day?


Introducing the CBDa Protab

Now you have options.


LEVEL. Simply the Best.

We are humbled and honored to have been recognized by High Times as one of the Top Cannabis Brands of 2020.

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Improve Your Journey into Cannabis. Get THE GUIDE.

The modern cannabis information you need to make informed decisions and take action right at your fingertips.

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Small Molecule Chemistry and Cannabis.

Cannabinoids, Terpenoids

Stocking Up for Personal Wellness: A Guide from Embarc & LEVEL

With the path of the world more uncertain than ever, we all need—and deserve—anti-anxiety tools that can help us through.

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Let Us Take You Higher.

ROSINTAB. Formulated exclusively from live rosin. Enjoy a unique premium cannabis experience.



LEVEL believes in giving back to the community by engaging in volunteer work, making contributions, and providing charitable support.

About LEVEL, Science

Maverick Beginnings / Plant Love Meets Science

Chris Emerson, PhD, could have pursued a career in the pharmaceutical industry. However after beginning his own journey with plant medicine, he discovered there’s much more to cannabis than meets the eye.


Unique & Rare Cannabinoids for Every Human.

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