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September 21, 2022

Higher LEVEL Effects

We just launched our new effects-based BOOST and LIGHTS OUT rosin vape cartridges with our friends at Airfield Supply Co. and they wrote this awesome article. So we wanted to share.

LEVEL introduced the Protab+ tablets in the Shop in Shop in May this year, and your reaction was massive! These effects-based tablets continue to fly off the shelves and have been bettering your daily (and nightly) routines left and right, boosting your mood all day or helping you keep the lights out all night. Sometimes relief feels so far away when you’re waiting for the onset of those tablets, and LEVEL heard this demand. The wait is over with LEVEL Effects’ NEW Rosin-Based Vape Cartridges. Their two most popular formulas, Boost & Lights Out, are now available in fast-acting vapes with robust and targeted effects that start working almost immediately. Combine the vapes’ quick and customizable onset and the tablets’ long-lasting effects for buildable results that last as long as you need them!

These rapid-onset vape cartridges aren’t like most others on the menu today. Aside from being the only THC-v, CBN, & CBG vapes we’ve seen at Airfield, these cartridges have an innovative formulation that begins with a rosin base. {Educational side-note! Rosin is an extract that requires zero chemicals; only ice, water, pressure, and heat go into making this extract! Ok, back to the blog!} This rosin base gets combined with a high concentration of emergent cannabinoids like THC-V, CBG, and CBN to create a vape unlike anything we’ve seen before!

Get a Boost

Boost tablets have taken Airfield by storm, quickly becoming one of our personal favorites when we need a little pep in our step. Combined with the Boost vape, there’s no wait for inspiration. How does LEVEL achieve this? The THC-forward rosin vape has a healthy addition of the cannabinoids THC-V and CBG. THC-V puts the “boost” in Boost; it’s known to stimulate energy and positivity, which is why we think this is your perfect coffee companion (at 8 am or 3 pm — whenever you need it most)! CBG gets added as a defense mechanism. Do you ever find yourself avoiding Sativa’s or THC-V because you’re afraid to get anxious or paranoid? CBG does a great job of preventing that feeling! With all three cannabinoids working hand in hand, this well-rounded vape is the perfect pick-me-up when you need a boost.

Turn the Lights Out

If there’s one thing we know about California cannabis since it went recreational in 2018, it’s that many people rely on it to fall asleep and stay asleep (chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re one of them!) Lights Out became the top choice for relieving sleeplessness when LEVEL released their all-new Protab+ line in May for obvious reasons: it works exceptionally well! The unique blend of THC with a bit of CBN and CBG creates the perfect sleeping spell– but imagine a version of this tablet in vape form. High THC rosin naturally makes most people feel pretty sleepy as it is, but CBN takes that way further, usually making it easier to fall asleep and get more restful sleep through the night. Adding CBG is like putting a hundred cherries on top of your sundae. As we mentioned with Boost, CBG does a great job of relieving anxiety and stress; so if that’s what’s got you up at night, press “add to cart” and turn the lights out.

Check it out at Airfield Supply Co. :

September 15, 2022

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